Is there an easier way to manage my package sets than to edit packages.json?

Yes. For example, the Spacchetti project uses Dhall to allow for easily maintaining a fork with separate type-checked sub-sets of packages and to allow for users to have local overrides of package sets.

How come I can’t install (some package) from the package set?

You should make sure you’re using the correct package-set release and have updated the value of “set” in your psc-package.json file. See The psc-package.json format section for more details.

Can I add a dependency which is not in the package set?

Not right now. We might add this feature in future, but for now, consider either:

  • Adding your dependency to the package set if possible, or
  • Creating your own custom package set

Why are my changes not updated in my package set?

Package sets are cached based on a git reference (e.g. tag or branch) to the project directory .psc-package. If you are making changes to a package set and reusing the package reference then you will need to clear the cache for the changes to take effect.

$ rm -rf .psc-package
$ psc-package install

Can I use Psc-Package with Nix?

Yes, now there is a solution for using Psc-Package with Nix: https://github.com/justinwoo/psc-package2nix. Please file issues in that project if you run into any.