What is a Package Set?

A package set is a mapping from package names to:

  • the Git repository URL for the package
  • the Git ref which should be passed to git clone to clone the appropriate version (usually a tag name, but a SHA is also valid)
  • the package’s transitive dependencies

A package set repository contains a packages.json file which contains all mapping information. psc-package uses this information to decide which repos need to be cloned.

The default package set is purescript/package-sets, but it is possible to create custom package sets in many ways:

. One benefit of using the default package set is that it is verified by a continuous integration process.

The psc-package.json format

Here is a simple project configuration:

    "name": "my-project",
    "set": "psc-0.13.6",
    "source": "",
    "depends": [

It defines:

  • The project name
  • The package set to use to resolve dependencies. This corresponds to a branch or tag of the package set source repository if you use a Git URL as your source. Otherwise it serves as just an identifier.
  • The package set source, which is either a repository Git URL or a path to a package set packages.json file.
  • Any dependencies of the project, as a list of names of packages from the package set